Reinventing the wheel, for a smoother ride

Loopwheels are 20″ bicycle wheels with integral suspension.  Loopwheels give you a comfortable ride.  You can take bumps and cobbles easily.  You feel less vibration up your arms from road noise.  And they’re really fun to ride.

Most folding bikes don’t have suspension because conventional suspension forks add weight and bulk to the bicycle. That is particularly unwelcome in a bicycle which needs to fold down to a compact size. Replacing the spoked wheels with Loopwheels provides full suspension in a bike which hasn’t got room for a traditional suspension system. So you get a much more comfortable ride with no impact on folding, and only a small weight gain.

Unlike suspension forks, loopwheels provide tangential suspension: that is, the suspension works in every direction. So they respond to a force hit head-on in the same way as they do to a force from above or below.

We know that “reinventing the wheel” is a bit of a joke.  But that’s just what we’ve done.  And when you ride on loopwheels, you’ll wonder why no one did it sooner.


NEWS: We now have a sister website in Belgium: www.loopwheels.be  – go take a look!!