Reinventing the wheel
for a smoother ride

A vibration reducing wheel with integral suspension. Loopwheels minimise vibration, reduce fatigue and pain and give you a smoother ride - allowing you to travel further and longer.

Suspension Wheelchair Wheels

Reduce vibrations by up to 70% with Loopwheels

Integral Suspension

Shock absorbing suspension wheel that makes going places more comfortable

Push Rims

Wide or narrow push rims to suit the size of your hand and how you push

Rigid Rim

The robust rim rolls efficiently over flat surfaces too

British Made

We're proud to be a manufacturer of a world-class innovation in wheel technology

Carbon Composite

This innovative material makes getting out and about much less effort

Go more places, more comfortably

The revolutionary Loopwheels have been specially designed to help wheelchair users get around more easily and with more comfort.

The springs give you extra power to get up kerbs and reduce jolting as you come down for a smoother ride wherever you go.
See the Vibration Case Study
Reduce Wheelchair Vibration
Featured on the gadget show
Initially Funded on Kickstarter
2015 Design of the year award