David's story

David Rose bought Loopwheels in September 2015. Here he tells us what he thinks about them and how his loopwheels help him get out and about more comfortably and easily.

David Rose, Warwickshire

Poppy Jones and her Dad Rob

On 26th June 2016 Poppy Jones and her dad Rob took part in the Cardiff Triathlon together to raise money for Cerebra. They faced an additional challenge – eleven year old Poppy has cerebral palsy and Rob pushed/pulled her around the course using custom made equipment specially designed by the Cerebra Innovation Centre – using Loopwheels!

Cerebra funds research into the problems arising from brain injury and disability in infants, offers services that include a postal lending library, grant scheme, regional officers and sleep practitioners. The Charity also provides a holiday home to Cerebra members. The Cerebra Innovation Centre helps parents and carers access specialist equipment that is not readily available elsewhere. Living with neurological conditions can make life very hard, not just for the child, but for their family too and the people at Cerebra, with the help of our supporters, aim to make it easier.

Poppy and Dad Rob, all set to take on Cardiff Triathlon Sunday 26th June 2016

Poppy and Dad Rob, all set to take on Cardiff Triathlon Sunday 26th June 2016

Helen's and Mark's stories

Helen Lowe and Mark Briggs helped us with our original loopwheels development. They told us what they thought of loopwheels for a video for our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in 2015.

Potholes and bumps that get soaked up by the wheels

I did indeed get out on the weekend, in fact, I managed 21 miles the weekend before last and then another 30 odd miles weekend just gone with the armbike. I love going out on adventures!


Everytime I’ve been out I used the loopwheels. Excursions like this are exactly why I chose these wheels as they provide much needed suspension. Even on road surfaces that look at first glance to be flat, always have their fair share of potholes and bumps that get soaked up by the wheels.

Chris Morton, Reading

Helen's story

Helen Lowe was in Nottinghamshire when we filmed this on a cold wet day in February 2015. Helen has now taken her family and her loopwheels to live in Australia - where it's a lot warmer!