folding bike with loopwheels

The first loopwheels product we made were 20 inch loopwheels. We launched them in 2013 on folding bike frames made by Dahon, the best-selling brand of folding bikes. Getting to work on your bike is better for your health and the environment – and often it’s faster too. But city roads have bumps and potholes, and many folding bikes have no suspension. We wanted you to love your commute to work. And with loopwheels on your bike, you do: cobbles and potholes are no longer a problem.  We chose to put our suspension wheels onto one of the most popular folding bike frames in the world, the Dahon Mu. It’s a simple, clean design that has good geometry for a wide range of people. We found our whole family could ride these bikes happily, because with a quick and simple adjustment of the seat post you can adjust the height for people from 142 to 193 cm (4’8″ – 6’4″).

But even at our very first launch show in 2013, people started asking us if we could make loopwheels for wheelchairs. More and more people kept enquiring, and we soon realised people really needed suspension wheels on their wheelchairs. That’s because jolting, vibration and getting over uneven pavements can be a real daily struggle if your equipment doesn’t help you. So we developed new loopwheels specifically for wheelchair users. We launched them in 2015, and sales of the wheelchair loopwheels soon overtook the bikes.

The Original Loopwheels bike will always remain a fantastic all-round get-on-and-enjoy-it commuter bike, but we took the decision to stop making the 20 inch loopwheels in 2016, in order to focus fully on wheelchair wheels.

If you’re one of our original bike customers – lucky you! We still keep some spare parts in case of need. But if you missed the opportunity to have a loopwheels bike, we’re sorry. We no longer make 20 inch wheels and we have no more loopwheel folding bikes in stock.

Keep in touch with us, as we do plan new products in the future.

Loopwheels, for a smoother ride. Because sometimes it’s good the reinvent the wheel . . .